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A podcast by Arab Americans about America and Arabs everywhere, bringing you a unique perspective, both in English & Arabic but mostly in "Arablish." Café patrons will discuss current affairs, politics, culture, and healthcare. Your hosts are two doctors, Hassan and Mouhanad, and sometimes other friends who are just hanging out. Please make sure to share and subscribe! For all episodes you can visit Contact us at or follow us on twitter @cafepodcasts
How much water should I drink? In Arabic June 29, 2022 Episode artwork On BreakMay 25, 2022 Episode artwork The Lebanese Elections, as discussed at the Café. In ArabicMay 18, 2022 Episode artwork Abortion, الإجهاض In Arablish May 11, 2022 Episode artwork Going Bald! why, who’s at risk, and what can be done about it? Re-broadcast, In Arabic.May 04, 2022 Episode artwork Kidney Disease, what you need to know made simple. Part 2. In Arabic. April 27, 2022 Episode artwork Kidney Disease, what you need to know made simple. Part 1. In Arabic. April 20, 2022 Episode artwork Foods Without Frontiers. In Arabic. April 13, 2022 Episode artwork Dating & Relationship While Arab, there is an app for that! In Arablish April 06, 2022 Episode artwork The Russia-Ukraine conflict, observations and analysis from Moscow. In Arabic.March 30, 2022 Episode artwork Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine. A short bio. In Arabic. March 23, 2022 Episode artwork The Aleppo cuisine. In Arabic. March 16, 2022 Episode artwork Finding a good doctor. In Arabic. March 09, 2022 Episode artwork A car ride in the streets of Dearborn. In Arabic مشوار. March 02, 2022 Episode artwork Vladimir Putin, a short bio in Arabic. Rebroadcast.February 23, 2022 Episode artwork For traditional Arabic music lovers: All you need to know about Qudoūd Ḥalabīya. In Arabic. February 16, 2022 Episode artwork Will there be war? The Russia-Ukraine crisis. In Arabic. February 09, 2022 Episode artwork COVID misinformation debunked. In Arabic. كوفيد 19‎‎ إشاعاتFebruary 02, 2022 Episode artwork From Dearborn, Arab-America's Capital; a conversation with Amer Zahr. January 26, 2022 Episode artwork Growing up Arab-American: perspectives from college student leadersJanuary 19, 2022 Episode artwork The events of January 6, a year later. In ArabicJanuary 12, 2022 Episode artwork Omicron, COVID updates & predictions for 2022. أوميكرون In Arabic.January 05, 2022 Episode artwork The chemistry of addiction. In Arabic. بين اللذة والألمDecember 29, 2021 Episode artwork International Affairs. In ArabicDecember 22, 2021 Episode artwork A conversation about Philanthropy with Mrs. Maha FreijDecember 15, 2021 Episode artwork